Title:Predappio – Rocca delle Caminate (also known as: Predappio Legend)
Tracklength:3350 metres
Elevation change:215 metres
Altitude finishline:360 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 6′ 33.4794″ – 11° 59′ 15″

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Predappio – Rocca delle Caminate – List of Winners
09-10/04/2005Paolo RomanoFord Focus WRC6:20,52Results
27-28/05/2006Tiziano FerraisFerrais Alfa5:24,45Results
24/03/2013Antonio Da RiosLancia Delta S43:00,58Results

Predappio is a small town in Emilia Romagna. The town never played a part in world history until 1883. On the 29th of July Benito Mussolini was born here. During his time as ‘Il Duce’ (1922-1943) he played special attention to his home town. Predappio was greatly enlarged and received numerous new government buildings. What will surprise many non-Italians is that Predappio is not only the birthplace, but also the final resting place of Mussolini. His mausoleum is even a sort of tourist attraction. You won’t find a giftshop however. The town banned the sale of fascist memorabilia in 2009.
Predappio lies in a hilly landscape at the foot of the Appenine Mountains. Most of the land between Predappio and the Adriatic Coast some 40 kilometres to the east is part of the North Italian plains. It is almost flat and therefore ideally suited for the agriculture. There are also large agglomerations. Near Predappio are Forlì and Cesena the largest cities. In 1944 the area was near the Gothic Line where the Germans fortified themselves against the advancing Allied troops. As a consequence the cities suffered damage under heavy bombings. Nevertheless there are still some interesting monuments in both cities. Cesena holds the oldest Civic Library in Europe and it is still in its original state. Other landmarks in the city include the Abby of Santa Maria del Monte and the Malatestian Fortress. In Forlì the historic center is around the Piazza Saffi, which includes the Abbey of San Mercuriale.

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