Title:Ponte Corace – Tiriolo
Tracklength:6700 metres
Elevation change:245 metres
Altitude finishline:610 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 54′ 47″ – 16° 31′ 56″
Fastest Time:3:41,31
Average Speed:108,99 km/h

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Ponte Corace – Tiriolo – List of Winners
11/10/1964Domenico Scola
09/10/1966Clemente Avventuriera
22/10/1967Domenico Scola
13/10/1968Ignazio Capuano
30/08/1970Domenico Scola
29/10/1972Mario De Luca
13/10/1974Domenico Scola
25/05/1975Pasquale Barberio
23/05/1976Enrico Grimaldi
29/05/1977Enrico Grimaldi
28/05/1978Enrico Grimaldi
27/05/1979Enrico Grimaldi
01/06/1980Enrico Grimaldi
07/06/1981Enrico Grimaldi
23/10/1983Benny Rosolia
01/06/1986Enrico Grimaldi
07/06/1987Enrico Grimaldi
16/10/1988Giovanni Cassibba
04/06/1989Giovanni Cassibba
08/08/1993Antonio Ritacca
31/07/1994Antonio Ritacca
22/10/1995Enrico Grimaldi
02/06/1996Angelo Palazzo
05/07/1997Enrico Grimaldi
12/07/1998Rosario Iaquinta
04/07/1999Giovanni Cassibba
24/09/2000Rosario Iaquinta
23-24/06/2001Andrea RaitiOsella PA20/S3:45,89Results
05-06/10/2002Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda Alfa Romeo4:35,89Results
30-31/08/2003Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S BMW3:47,87Results
01-02/05/2004Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:47,00Results
12-13/11/2005Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:45,35Results
21-22/10/2006Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA21/S3:45,87Results
16-17/06/2007Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:48,26Results
21-22/06/2008Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW3:41,31Results
24-25/10/2009Claudio GulloElia Avrio ST093:50,88Results

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