Title:Coppa Monti Iblei
Place:Chiaramonte Gulfi
Tracklength:5500 metres
Elevation change:300 metres
Altitude finishline:660 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 1′ 58″ – 14° 40’12”
Fastest Time:4:56,95 (2 runs)
Average Speed:133,36 km/h

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Coppa Monti Iblei – List of Winners
04-05/09/2004Giovanni CassibbaOsella BMW5:23,63Results
03-04/09/2005Giovanni CassibbaOsella BMW5:25,05Results
02-03/09/2006Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW5:20,90Results
15-16/09/2007Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA21/S5:17,95Results
13-14/09/2008Rocco AiutoOsella PA20/S2:45,12Results
12-13/09/2009Salvatore TavanoTatuus Master5:12,12Results
11-12/09/2010Salvatore TavanoTatuus Master5:05,05Results
08-09/10/2011Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA275:03,99Results
20-21/10/2012Domenico Scola jr.Osella PA21/S5:03,49Results
04-05/10/2014Domenico CubedaOsella PA20002:33,48Results
26-27/09/2015Domenico CubedaOsella PA20005:02,34Results
27-28/08/2016Domenico CubedaOsella PA20004:59,97Results
26-27/08/2017Domenico CubedaOsella FA304:58,55Results
25-26/08/2018Domenico CubedaOsella FA304:56,95Results

050903_montiiblei 090913_montiiblei 141005_montiiblei 150927_montiiblei 160828_montiiblei

Coppa Monti Iblei – Accomodation


  1. Paul Danby says:

    We are coming to Chiaramonti next weekend. Where can I find a full entry list please. Thanks Paul

  2. Heuvelklim says:


    The entrylist is on the official website (address above). Click on the poster for Monti Iblei and then choose “Iscritti” from the menu.

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