Title:Iglesias Sant’Angelo
Tracklength:6020 metres
Elevation change:275 metres
Altitude finishline:555 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 20′ 47.04″ – 8° 31′ 4.0794″
Fastest Time:2:48,07
Average Speed:128,52 km/h

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Iglesias Sant’Angelo – List of Winners
1965Beppe PirasCooper 1300
1966Beppe PirasMorris Cooper 1300
1967Gianni VaccaAbarth 1000
1968Tony PellissoniPorsche 2000
1969“Amphicar”Porsche 911
1970Raffaele PintoLancia FM Special
1971“Bitter”Fiat Abarth 2000
1972Angeli GilibertiAbarth Osella 2000
1973Domenico ScolaMarch BMW
1974Franco LocciChevron B23
1990Uccio MaglionaOsella PA9
1991Ezio BaribbiOsella PA9
1993Marco SattaOsella PA9
1994Fabio DantiLucchini BMW
1995Pietro NappiOsella PA20/S
1997Salvatore AnelliLucchini BMW
1998Erasmo BolognaOsella PA20/S
1999Fabio DantiOsella PA20/S BMW
2001Marco SattaOsella PA20/S
2002Rosario IaquintaOsella PA20/S
2003Marco SattaOsella PA20/S
09-10/10/2004Omar MaglionaOsella PA21/S6:34,77Results
2005Marco SattaOsella PA20/S
14-15/10/2006Simone FaggioliOsella Honda7:04,49Results
06-07/10/2007Simone FaggioliOsella PA21 Honda7:09,97Results
04-05/10/2008Simone FaggioliOsella PA276:41,06Results
03-04/10/2009Simone FaggioliOsella FA306:26,35Results
01-02/10/2011Omar MaglionaOsella PA21/S6:30,56Results
06-07/10/2012Omar MaglionaOsella PA20/S6:16,05Results
04-05/05/2013Simone FaggioliOsella FA302:48,07Results
26-27/10/2019Diego DegasperiOsella FA306:01,39Results

The city of Iglesias lies in the southwest of Sardinia. The area used to be an important mining center for zinc and silver. That is partly the reason why it was inhabited since prehistoric times. In recorded history the city (re-)appears in the 8th century. For a while it was part of the Byzantine empire as the San Salvatore church still testifies. In the later part of the Middle Ages a building boom of churches took place. This gave the city its name: Villa di Chiesa, or city of Churches.
In 1321 Spanish troops invaded Sardinia. Villa di Chiesa was the first city to fall and at the same time the city that profited most from Spanish rule. Villa di Chiesa was translated into Iglesias, the name that the city still carries despite returning to Italy already in 1720. The fortunes of Iglesias run parallel to the fortunes of the mining industry. In the 21st century the mines have all but disappeared replaced by tourism as the main source of income.
The various churches are an obvious tourist attraction of Iglesias. The mine industry heritage is another. The mountains hold various caves, some of which are open to the public. The Hillclimb is located north of Iglesias near the Linas-Marganai nature park. The mountains are rugged and include sharp cliffs, streams, caves and waterfalls. They can reach altitudes of 1000m. The mountainrange runs right up to the sea, creating a beautiful coastline.

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