Title:Cronoscalata Floriopoli – Cerda
Tracklength:6150 metres
Elevation change:190 metres
Altitude finishline:230 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 54′ 39″ – 18° 48′ 30″
Fastest Time:3:05,17
Average Speed:119,57 km/h
Short FactsUses part of the Targa Florio racetrack.

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Cronoscalata Floriopoli – Cerda – List of Winners
22/05/2016Salvatore RioloPorsche 911 SC6:28,91Results
21/05/2017Ciro BarbacciaStenger BMW6:16,90Results
26-27/10/2019Salvatore RioloStenger BMW3:05,17Results

150802_floriopoli 160522_floriopoli

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