Title:Cronoscalata Cesana – Sestriere
Place:Cesana Torinese
Tracklength:10400 metres (2018: 6400 metres)
Elevation change:680 metres
Altitude finishline:1980 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 57′ 10″ – 6° 47′ 40″
Fastest Time:4:30,06
Average Speed:138,64 km/h
Short FactsIs an historic only meeting since 2007.

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Cesana – Sestriere – List of Winners
1961Mennato BoffaMaserati 20006:17,10
1962Odoardo GovoniMaserati 20006:03,00
1963Edgar BarthPorsche5:36,20
1964Edgar BarthPorsche5:33,10
1965Lodovico ScarfiottiFerrari Dino5:12,80
1966Lodovico ScarfiottiFerrari Dino10:26,70
1967Rolf StommelenPorsche 9085:02,30
1968Gerhard MitterPorsche4:54,60
1969Peter SchettyFerrari4:53,30
1970Arturo MerzarioFiat Abarth 30005:03,60
1971Johannes OrtnerFiat Abarth 30004:59,70
1972Mauro NestiChevron 20005:01,30
1973Mauro NestiMarch BMW4:59,40
1981Mauro NestiOsella BMW5:02,72
1982Mauro NestiOsella BMW4:49,42
1983Mauro NestiOsella BMW4:39,95
1984Mauro NestiOsella BMW4:37,79
1985Romano CasasolaOsella PA95:04,76
1986Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW4:39,00
1987Ezio BaribbiOsella PA10 BMW4:38,29
1988Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW4:37,54
1989Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW4:36,29
1990Andrés VilariñoLola T298 BMW4:35,69
1991Francisco EgozkueOsella PA124:36,17
1992Andrés VilariñoLola T298 BMW4:32,68
11-12/07/2015Stefano Di FulvioOsella PA9/904:38,16Results
09-10/07/2016Stefano Di FulvioOsella PA9/904:30,06Results
08-09/07/2017Emanuele ArallaDallara F3905:36,34Results
07-08/07/2018Uberto BonucciOsella PA9/905:39,00Results
13-14/07/2019Stefano PeroniMartini MK324:50,30Results

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Cesana Sestriere – Accomodation

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