Title:Cronoscalata del Cavallino / Trofeo Enzo Ferrari
Tracklength:4000 metres
Elevation change:200 metres
Altitude finishline:470 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 30′ 0″ – 10° 51′ 23″
Short FactsAt the first event the start was located in Maranello. Later on the startline moved to the location you see on the map.

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Cronoscalata del Cavallino / Trofeo Enzo Ferrari – List of Winners
1998Rosario IaquintaSighinolfi3:12,89
1999Fabio DantiOsella PA20 BMW6:04,98
2000Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20 BMW6:51,11
2001Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20 BMW7:18,65
14-15/09/2002Stanislao BielanskiLucchini P398 BMW3:43,71Results
19-20/07/2003Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S BMW3:36,66Results

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