Title:Cronoscalata Bologna – Passo della Raticosa
Place:Pianoro Vecchio
Tracklength:6210 metres (1926-1954: 43000 metres)
Elevation change:348,4 metres (5,61%)
Altitude finishline:520 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 22′ 13″ – 11° 20′ 26″
Fastest Time:5:39,16 (2 runs)
Average Speed:131,83 km/h
Short FactsSecond longest hillclimb in Europe ever (behind Parma-Poggio di Berceto)
Between 1962 and 1969 the start was moved some 10 kilometres further uphill to create a total length of something over 30 kilometres.
Historic only hillclimb since 2001.

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Bologna – Passo della Raticosa – List of Winners
1926Antonio TestiDiatto
1939Enzo SeragnoliLancia Aprilia
1950Giovanni BraccoFerrari
1951Giulio CabiancaOsca 1100
1952Pietro PalmieriFerrari
1953Felice BonettoLancia
1954Eugenio CastellottiLancia
1962Odoardo GovoniMaserati
1963Hans HerrmannFiat Abarth
1964Odoardo GovoniMaserati
1965Hans HerrmannFiat Abarth
1966“Noris”Porsche Carrera 6
1967Johannes OrtnerFiat Abarth
1968Johannes OrtnerFiat Abarth
1969Vittoria VenturiTecno F3
06-07/06/2015Salvatore RioloStenger BMW5:39,16Results
27-28/07/2019Stefano PeroniMartini MK325:46,31Results

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    Is there anyone who would know the cars that participated in the 1964 Hillclimb.

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