Title:Coppa Belmonte – Citta di Avola
Tracklength:8000 metres
Elevation change:390 metres
Altitude finishline:480 metres
GPS coordinates:36° 55′ 14″ – 15° 7′ 7″

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Coppa Belmonte – Citta di Avola – List of Winners
16/03/1958Giuseppe ConigliaroLancia Aurelia Spyder
15/03/1959Salvatore La PiraFerrari 250 GT
03/04/1960Salvatore La PiraFerrari 250 GT
26/03/1961Vito CocoAlfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato
25/03/1962Giuseppe VirgilioAlfa Romeo Giulietta SZ
21/04/1963Giuseppe VirgilioAlfa Romeo Giulietta SZ
19/04/1964Vito CocoFerrari 250 GT
25/04/1965Giuseppe SirugoAlfa Romeo Giulia TZ
17/04/1966Ignazio GiuntiAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA
09/04/1967Mariano SpadaforaAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA
31/03/1968Domenico ScolaAbarth 2000
23/03/1969Domenico ScolaAbarth 2000
22/03/1970Mariano SpadaforaFiat Abarth 2000
29/07/1973Vincenzo FerlitoAbarth 2000
07/04/1974Domenico ScolaMarch
06/04/1975Domenico ScolaOsella PA3
11/04/1976Domenico ScolaChebron B36
14/10/1979Domenico ScolaLola
04/05/1980Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA7
26/04/1981Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
18/04/1982Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
17/04/1983Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
15/04/1984“M. Arriva”Osella PA9
13/10/1985Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
20/04/1986Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
12/04/1987Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA9
22/05/1988Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
21/05/1989Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA9
15/07/1990Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
19/05/1991Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9/90

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