Title:Osnabrücker Bergrennen
Place:Hilter / Borgloh
Tracklength:2030 metres
Elevation change:75 metres
Altitude finishline:165 metres
GPS coordinates:52° 12′ 0″ – 8° 12′ 15.8394″
Fastest Time:1:40,305 (3 runs)
Average Speed:145,72 km/h

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Osnabrücker Bergrennen – List of Winners
2000Herbert StengerStenger BMW2:49,750Results
14-15/08/2004Herbert StengerStenger BMW3:47,344Results
13-14/08/2005Herbert StengerStenger BMW4:33,047Results
12-13/08/2006Herbert StengerStenger BMW3:46,651Results
11-12/08/2007Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S3:48,814Results
16-17/08/2008Uwe LangOsella PA20/S3:44,525Results
15-16/08/2009Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S3:42,634Results
21-22/08/2010Guy DemuthG-Force Reynard3:44,576Results
13-14/08/2011Guy DemuthOsella FA304:24,868Results
04-05/08/2012Marcel SteinerOsella FA303:44,071Results
03-04/08/2013Julien DucommunOsella FA303:28,539Results
02-03/08/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA992:45,633Results
01-02/08/2015Joel VolluzOsella FA302:36,902Results
06-07/08/2016Christian MerliOsella FA302:35,741Results
05-06/08/2017Christian MerliOsella FA301:42,688Results
04-05/08/2018Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC1:40,305Results
03-04/08/2019Christian MerliOsella FA301:40,426Results

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The Osnabrücker Bergrennen is currently the most northern Hillclimb in Germany. It takes place near the small village of Borgloh, which in turn is part of the larger muncipality of Hilter am Teutoburger Wald. As the place name reveals, the Hillclimb lies in the Teutoburg Forest. This forest is actually a hilly landscape. It starts in the province of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), northwest of Osnabrück in a south-east direction towards Hilter. Here the hills reach peaks of 260 meters. Further southeast in Nordrhein Westfalen, past the city of Bielefeld, the highest hills are found, up to 450 meters. The Teutoburg Forest was formed more than 70 million years ago by the shifting of tectonic plates. This exposed old geological layers dating more than 200 million years back. It makes the region an ideal place for dinosaur fossils, except that at the time the surface was mostly covered with seas. In later years the landscape was shaped by glaciers in the various iceages, in turn eroding and despositing rockformations. Large parts of the Teutoburg Forest are incorporated in two nature parks. The Naturpark Teutoburger Walds southeast of Bielefeld and the Naturpark Terra.vita northwest of the city. Hilter is located in the northern park.
The Teutoburg Forest is named after the Varusschlacht in the year 9. In this battle three Roman legions were destroyed by Germanic forces under the leadership of Arminius (Hermann). It was the most shocking defeat of the Romans until that time. It was wildly believed that this battle stopped the Roman expansion north of the Rhine. In the 19th century in the struggle for German unity the history of the Battle was adopted by nationalists. A large memorial, the Hermannsdenkmal, was erected at Detmold, southeast of Bielefeld, at what was believed to be the site of the battle. Later archeological finds point towards the Kalkriese north of Osnabrück as the actual site. There you will now find a museum which also takes tours on the actual battleground.
Hilter lies some 25 kilometres southeast of Osnabrück and 35 kilometres northwest of Bielefeld.

Osnabrücker Bergrennen – Accomodation


  1. NEVILLE CARR says:

    Dear Sirs, I own a 1969 Lotus Type 61, 1600cc. Would I be eligible to enter your very interesting looking event, British licence.Please advise.Kind Regards, Neville Carr

  2. Tim Daniel says:

    Hi Neville …. can’t answer your question but what a nice surprise to come across your name while looking up the French Championship!
    You may remember Barbara and me from Cevo and Vernasca meetings some years ago … and Shelsley.
    We now live in the South of France, down near the Spanish border …. not sure if they’ll publish an e-mail address on here but …….. tbdaniel100 at ….. will reach us and if you’re ever this way …….. cheers ……. Tim.

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    Hello we are motorsport fans from Northern Ireland and are looking to come over and view a round of the berg cup
    Could you advise us on a round that would be best
    We would be flying from Belfast or Dublin
    Could you advise us on airports that we could fly into
    Also we have one friend that is in a wheelchair and would this be ok many thanks Jonny

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