Title:Kyffhäuser Bergrennen
Place:Kelbra (Kyffhäuser)
Tracklength:3825 metres
Elevation change:235 metres
Altitude finishline:435 metres
GPS coordinates:51° 25′ 42″ – 11° 2′ 54″
Fastest Time:8:45,145 (4 runs)
Average Speed:104,89 km/h

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Kyffhäuser Bergrennen – List of Winners
25-26/08/2007Uwe LangOsella PA20/S8:48,745Results
29-30/08/2009Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S8:45,145Results

The Kyffhäuser mountain has a special place in German legend. It was said that the legendary emperor Frederick Barbarossa and his knights slept in the mountain. When they would wake up they would restore Germany to its former greatness. It is therefore no surprise that in the late nineteenth century the new German Empire tried to connect itself with this legend. In memory of Kaiser Wilhelm I a large monument was build prominently featuring both Wilhelm and Barbarossa. For the location of the monument they chose the ruins of a fortress on the Kyffhäuser mountain (which also holds the worlds deepest castle well with 176 metres). The monument still exists today and is the third largest of its kind in Germany.

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