Title:Hauenstein Bergrennen
Tracklength:4200 metres
Elevation change:249 metres
Altitude finishline:750 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 30′ 45.72″ – 10° 7′ 19.1994″
Fastest Time:5:06,383 (3 runs)
Average Speed:148,05 km/h

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Hauenstein Bergrennen – List of Winners
31/07-01/08/2004Alexander HinReynard Judd4:52,773Results
30-31/07/2005Alexander HinReynard Judd6:27,837Results
29-30/07/2006Marcel SteinerMartini MK774:53,267Results
28-29/07/2007Reto MeiselMercedes Benz 190E5:41,106Results
02-03/08/2008Marcel SteinerMartini MK775:04,691Results
01-02/08/2009Jörg WeidingerOsella PA20/S BMW5:12,046Results
07-08/08/2010Marcel SteinerMartini MK773:41,619Results
06-07/08/2011Uwe LangOsella PA20/S BMW5:15,322Results
18-19/08/2012Uwe LangOsella PA20/S BMW6:54,902Results
17-18/08/2013Uwe LangOsella PA20/S BMW5:47,611Results
16-17/08/2014Uwe LangOsella PA20/S BMW5:06,383Results
15-16/08/2015Norbert BrennerOpel Vectra GTS5:58,720Results
20-21/08/2016Norbert BrennerOpel Vectra GTS3:44,858Results
29-30/07/2017Uwe LangOsella PA20/S5:08,805Results
28-29/07/2018Mathieu WolpertDallara F3035:21,221Results
27-28/07/2019Alexander HinOsella PA305:11,618Results

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The Hauenstein Bergrennen does NOT take place near the town of Hauenstein in Rhineland-Palantine, but rather near Hausen in Bayern. As Hausen (meaning Houses) is a very common placename in Germany, it requires to be more specific. The Hillclimb is situated in Hausen in the state of Bayern, region Unterfranken, district Rhön-Grabfeld, muncipality Fladungen.
Fladungen has retained many of its historic buildings and even has an original citywall. The town is also the start of of the Rhön-Zügle, a museum train. Near Ostheim (10km from Hausen) this old steam train visits one of the more curious churches in Germany. Here you will find the biggest an best preserved Kirchenburg of Germany. A Kirchenburg can be best described as a Church-Fortress. Instead of walling the whole town to protect against intruders, the citizens in Ostheim only fortified the church. The 60x60m innercourt houses the church and some buildings, including a former school which is now a museum. Unique to the Ostheim Kirchenburg is the double protective wall complete with watchtowers.
Twenty kilometres south of Hausen lies another famous religious building. Near Bischofsheim an der Rhön lies the Kreuzberg, sometimes called the “Sacred Mountain of the Franconians”. The monastery with the three large crosses are one of the most visited pilgrim sites of Germany. Although many pilgrims prefer to go straight to the famous brewery…
Hausen lies in the very north of Bayern, close to the three state borderpoint with Thüringen and Hessen. In this area many places include the name Rhön in their title, including even the organising club of the Hillclimb. The Rhön designates a medium sized mountain range that is located on top of the three states. Hausen lies almost at the center where the peaks can reach 950 metres. The Rhön Mountains have a rather complicated geological history. The landscape that can be seen today was mostly shaped by volcanism some 25 million years ago. The lands surrounding the mountains are not much lower than the peaks which creates more or less the impression of flowing hills. About 30% of the Rhön is covered in forest, not that much for a nature reservation. On the other hand it makes it ideal of hiking trips as the landscape is varied and offers wide views. The hiking trail of the Hochrhöner across the highest peaks is one of the more popular trails in Germany.

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