Title:Course de Côte du Pilat
Tracklength:1650 metres
Elevation change:100 metres
Altitude finishline:585 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 27′ 17.9994″ – 4° 41′ 20.7594″
Fastest Time:0:47,585
Average Speed:124,83 km/h

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Course de Côte du Pilat – List of Winners
23/06/2002David GuillaumardReynard 9130:48,750Results
29/06/2003David GuillaumardReynard 9130:50,187Results
20/06/2004Lionel RegalMartini A2C0:50,116Results
19/06/2005Marcel SapinMartini MK800:50,100Results
18/06/2006Nicolas SchatzDallara 3890:49,431Results
01/07/2007Chris HeyraudRalt RT330:48,528Results
06/07/2008Chris HeyraudRalt RT330:50,917Results
05/07/2009Marcel SapinMartini MK800:48,905Results
04/07/2010Marcel SapinDallara F3010:47,585Results
03/07/2011Marcel SapinDallara F3010:47,808Results
01/07/2012Jérôme LabrosseDallara 3900:59,026Results
07/07/2013Sébastien ChabinDallara F3960:47,991Results
05/07/2015Damien ChamberodNorma M20F0:48,362Results

100704_pilat 130707_pilat 150705_pilat

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