Title:Course de Cote Régionale du Col de Vence
Tracklength:2400 metres (November 2012: 5600 metres)
Elevation change:150 metres
Altitude finishline:825 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 45′ 9.36″ – 7° 5′ 31.1994″
Fastest Time:1:17,030
Average Speed:112,16 km/h
Short FactsThe blue line follows the longer November 2012 layout. The green and red pinpoints in the middle show the start and finishline of the shorter layout.

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Course de Côte du Col de Vence – List of Winners
13/03/2011Pierre VonicMartini MK621:01,602Results
18/03/2012Dominique CarifiBRC1:13,076Results
03-04/11/2012Steeve ZerafaDallara F3012:57,052Results
30/06/2013Dominique CarifiNorma M201:08,113Results
11/10/2015Jeremy DebelsOsella PA21/S1:17,030Results
09/10/2016Jeremy DebelsOsella PA21/S1:19,169Results

120318_vence 121104_vence 130630_vence 151011_vence

Course de Côte du Col de Vence – Accomodation

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