Title:Course de côte de Saint Savournin
Place:Saint Savournin
Tracklength:1100 metres
Elevation change:35 metres
Altitude finishline:340 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 24′ 28.08″ – 5° 33′ 17.6394″
Fastest Time:0:33,391
Average Speed:118,59 km/h

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Course de Côte de Saint Savournin – List of Winners
29/05/2011Pierre VonicMartini MK620:33,860Results
07/04/2013Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:34,970Results
09/03/2014Thomas ClausiDallara F3020:34,445Results
12/04/2015Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:34,489Results
10/04/2016Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:33,990Results
02/04/2017Dimitri PereiraNorma M20F0:37,476Results
27/05/2018Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:33,391Results
16/06/2019Steeve ZerafaDallara F3110:35,344Results

110529_stsavournin 140309_saintsavournin 150412_stsavournin 160410_stsavournin

Saint Savournin is located in the very south of France. If you could fly the coast is only a few kilometres further south. Traveling by land it is a whole different matter. That is because Saint Savournin is shielded from the Mediterranean coast by a large mountain range called the Massif de l’Étoile. The result is that Saint Savournin is a colder and wetter than for example Marseille, which lies on the other side. The town is built in the mountain range at an altitude of more than 400m. The highest mountain near Saint Savournin reaches 779m. The hillclimb is however not further up the mountain but on a hillside below the town.
The area has a long history with the mining industry. The mines of Saint Savournin continued until the 21st century. Some of that history can be traced in the Mining Museum in the nearby town of Gréasque.
The nearest cities are Aix-en-Provence (25km) and Marseille (30km).

Course de Côte de Saint Savournin – Accomodation

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