Title:Course de Côte de la ville d’Istres
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:45 metres
Altitude finishline:45 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 31′ 14.88″ – 5° 0′ 26.6394″
Fastest Time:0:38,85
Average Speed:139,00 km/h

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Course de Côte d’Istres – List of Winners
17/05/2009Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:39,56Results
16/05/2010Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:39,76Results
15/05/2011Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:39,84Results
20/05/2012Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:39,96Results
19/05/2013Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:39,77Results
25/05/2014Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:39,51Results
24/05/2015Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:38,85Results
15/05/2016Race stopped after accident.
21/05/2017Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:40,04Results
20/05/2018Steeve ZerafaDallara F3110:40,627Results
19/05/2019Steeve ZerafaDallara F3070:40,420Results

140525_istres 160515_istres

Course de Côte d’Istres – Accomodation

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