Title:Course de Côte de Bouc-Bel-Air
Tracklength:800 metres
Elevation change:65 metres (9%)
Altitude finishline:250 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 26′ 49.2″ – 5° 24′ 36.7194″
Fastest Time:0:34,79
Average Speed:82,78 km/h
Short FactsShortest Hillclimb in France

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Course de Côte de Bouc-Bel-Air – List of Winners
13/04/2009Pierre VonicDuqueine IMSA F20:34,970Results
05/04/2010Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:34,790Results
25/04/2011Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:35,350Results
09/04/2012Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:35,000Results
01/04/2013Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:34,900Results
21/04/2014Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:35,180Results
06/04/2015Jean-Claude MorelReynard 90D0:35,690Results
28/03/2016Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:34,960Results
17/04/2017Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:35,140Results
02/04/2018Jérémy DebelsOsella PA21/S0:34,850Results
22/04/2019Damien BenedettoMartini MK590:35,930Results

140421_boucbelair 160328_boucbelair

The Bouc-Bel-Air Hillclimb is one of the shortest in France, but also one of the steepest.
It is named after Bouc-Bel-Air which is a town in the south of France. It is situated some 13km south of Aix-en-Provence. The town is build on a 260m high ridge that looks out over the surrounding lowlands. If you travel to Marseille from the countryside you will pass Bouc-Bel-Air. It is therefore not surprising that this hillside has been inhabited for centuries on end. At one time there were also fortifications, but those have since disappeared. The highlight of the town is the 18th century Albertas Garden.
From Bouc-Bel-Air you will have a nice view of the Massif de l’Étoile. This mountainrange seperates Marseille from the countryside further north. The limestone mountains reach a maximum altitude of 779m above sealevel. They are particulary interesting for their flora. The sunside has Aleppo Pine forests, although much of it has been damaged in the fires of 1997. The shadowside on the other hand has more varied forests of Aleppo Pines, Oaks and even Scots Pines which is unique for the area. The mountains are almost completely open to the public as it is not protected in a nature park.

Course de Côte de Bouc-Bel-Air – Accomodation

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