Title:Course de Côte de Lodève
Tracklength:2000 metres
Elevation change:150 metres
Altitude finishline:580 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 43′ 53″ – 3° 17′ 11″
Fastest Time:1:34,775
Average Speed:136,74 km/h
Short Facts:Tracklength until 2013: 4500 metres
Tracklength until 2015: 3950 metres
Tracklength 2016: 3600 metres.
The startline moved uphill each change while the finishline remained in the same position.

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Course de Côte de Lodève – List of Winners
05-06/10/2013Jérôme BrisDallara F32:02,892Results
04-05/10/2014Cyrille FrantzNorma M20 FC1:44,522Results
12-13/09/2015Race stopped due to bad weather
01-02/10/2016David GuillaumardDallara F3081:34,775Results
06/10/2019Remi BechadergueTatuus Master0:55,952Results

101017_lodeve 141005_lodeve 150913_lodeve 161002_lodeve

Course de Côte de Lodève – Accomodation

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