Title:Course de Côte de La Malène – Gorges du Tarn
Place:La Malène
Tracklength:1650 metres
Elevation change:175 metres
Altitude finishline:640 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 18′ 15.12″ – 3° 19′ 13.4394″
Fastest Time:1:03,215
Average Speed:93,97 km/h

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Course de Côte de La Malène – Gorges du Tarn – List of Winners
06/07/2008Nicolas MassuNorma M201:03,780Results
05/07/2009Nicolas MassuNorma M201:03,215Results
11/07/2010Sébastien PierreDallara F397 Fiat1:04,625Results
10/07/2011Sébastien PierreDallara F397 Fiat1:04,926Results
08/07/2012Nicolas MassuNorma M201:04,492Results
07/07/2013Nicolas MassuNorma M201:05,191Results
06/07/2014Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:05,059Results
05/07/2015Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:07,516Results
03/07/2016Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:04,533Results
02/07/2017Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:05,481Results
08/07/2018Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:03,316Results
07/07/2019Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:04,813Results

140706_lamalene 160703_lamalene

Course de Côte de La Malène – Accomodation

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