Title:Course de Côte de Corsavy
Tracklength:4580 metres
Elevation change:370 metres
Altitude finishline:720 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 27′ 14″ – 2° 37′ 12″

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Course de Côte de Corsavy – List of Winners
15/07/1960Georges AlexandrovitchAC Bristol4,12,00
16/07/1961Charles VogeleLotus T19 Monte Carlo3:49,00
10/07/1966Juan FernandezPorsche 911 S3:46,00
16/07/1967Daniel RouveyranLotus 23 Abarth3:20,00
07/07/1968Daniel RouveyranAbarth 2000 OT3:24,00
05/07/1970Jean CoudraieGrac MT53:30,00
04/07/1971Serge CazzaniAlpine A110 S3:28,00
16/07/1972Jacky DaumetAbarth 2000 OT3:03,00
15/07/1973Régis PéchairePygmée F2 MDB Ford3:02,00
07/07/1974Régis PéchaireMarch 742 Ford2:52,00
06/07/1975Régis PéchaireMarch 742 Ford2:44,00

Course de Côte de Corsavy – Accomodation

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