Title:Course de Côte de La Forêt Auvray – Orne
Place:La Forêt Auvray
Tracklength:2000 metres (until 2013: 1700 metres)
Elevation change:125 metres
Altitude finishline:200 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 49′ 10.56″ – -0° 20′ 11.76″
Fastest Time:0:50,909
Average Speed:141,43 km/h

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Course de Côte de La Forêt Auvray – List of Winners
1969Jean-Claude MassoneriMcLaren Proto
1970Joseph BourdonAlpine A110
1971Yves MartinTecno Ford F2
1972Jacques FoucteauTecno Ford F2
1973Yves CourageMarch 722
1974Guy FrequelinDangel Simca JRD
1975Roger RivoireChevron B25 Ford
1976Michel LatesteMarch 742 Hart
1977Jacques TerrienMartini MK19 BMW
1978Sylvain LachaudMarch 722 BMW
1979Yves CourageMartini MK28 BMW
1980Yves CourageMartini MK28 BMW
1981Jacques TerrienMartini MK25 BMW
1982Christian DebiasMartini MK28 BMW
1983Jacques TerrienMartini MK28 BMW
1984Claude FrascaMartini MK32 BMW
1985Hervé BayardMartini MK32 BMW
1986Henri NeelMartini MK28 Ford
1987Rémi NeeRalt RT3
1988Henri NeelMartini MK43 BMW
1989Henri NeelMartini MK43 BMW
1990Henri NeelMartini MK43 BMW
1993Christian BoullengerMartini MK41 BMW
2000Jean ChartierLola T298 BMW
2001Patrick FosseyLola T297 BMW
2002Michel BaudDallara F393
2003Michel BaudDallara F396 Fiat
2004Jean ChartierJB01 BMW
2005Vladimir BarrasDallara Renault
2006Michel BaudMartini MK73 Opel
2007Jochen DuclosMatra Djet Renault
2008Daniel MoimeauReynard 923 Opel
26/07/2009Daniel MoimeauReynard 923 Opel1:00,06Results
24/07/2011Jean-François PiauTatuus FR20000:47,12Results
22/07/2012Jean-François PiauMartini MK790:46,73Results
28/07/2013Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:47,14Results
27/07/2014Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:51,205Results
26/07/2015Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:54,715Results
24/07/2016Jérôme MartinNorma M20F0:51,33Results
23/07/2017Freddy CadotNorma M20F0:51,264Results
22/07/2018Anthony Le BellerNorma M20 FC0:50,909Results
28/07/2019Gaëtan RenoufDallara F3000:52,591Results

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Course de Côte de La Forêt Auvray – Accomodation

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