Title:Course de Côte de Gisors Le Boisgeloup
Tracklength:1400 metres
Elevation change:65 metres
Altitude finishline:140 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 15′ 42.1194″ – 1° 46′ 31.8″
Fastest Time:0:35,051
Average Speed:143,79 km/h

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Course de Côte de Gisors – List of Winners
21/05/2009Alain Le SausseMarch 7550:36,62Results
13/05/2010Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:37,17Results
02/06/2011Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:36,72Results
17/05/2012Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:36,77Results
09/05/2013Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:35,45Results
29/05/2014Kevin DurotNorma M20F0:35,357Results
14/05/2015Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:37,224Results
05/05/2016Ronnie Le SausseNorma M20 FC0:35,051Results
21/05/2017Alain Le SausseNorma M20 FC0:35,841Results
10/05/2018Alain Le SausseNorma M20 FC0:36,161Results
30/05/2019Eddy PerezDallara 3010:35,216Results

150514_gisors 160505_gisors

Course de Côte de Gisors – Accomodation

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