Title:Course de Côte de Gavray
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:140 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 54′ 32.04″ – -1° 20′ 12.4794″
Fastest Time:0:34,04
Average Speed:158,64 km/h

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Course de Côte de Gavray – List of Winners
01/06/2000Henri NeelLola T6200:34,29Results
24/05/2001Henri NeelLola T2980:34,04Results
09/05/2002Henri NeelLola T2980:34,71Results
29/05/2003Jean-Pierre LecomteMarch SP20010:36,97Results
20/05/2004André BriardDallara 3880:38,05Results
05/05/2005Daniel VernLola T91/500:35,74Results
25/05/2006Henri NeelLola0:35,79Results
17/05/2007Patrick PiedMartini MK580:38,09Results
08/05/2008Patrick PiedMartini MK580:36,92Results
21/05/2009Patrick PiedMartini MK580:35,34Results
13/05/2010Jean-Marc GarnierDallara F3960:35,40Results
02/06/2011Jean-Marc GarnierDallara F3960:36,30Results
17/05/2012Jean-François PiauMartini MK790:35,28Results
09/05/2013Jean-François PiauMartini MK790:35,97Results
29/05/2014Mickael BoreeDallara F3980:38,58Results
14/05/2015Dominique HamelMygale F30:36,16Results
05/05/2016Dominique HamelMygale F30:35,623Results
25/05/2017John NicolDallara F399/010:36,210Results
10/05/2018Gaëtan RenoufDallara F3000:34,927Results
30/05/2019Gaëtan RenoufDallara F3000:34,784Results

Course de Côte de Gavray – Accomodation

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