Title:Course de Côte d’Étretat Bénouville
Tracklength:1620 metres
Elevation change:50 metres
Altitude finishline:90 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 42′ 38.8794″ – 0° 13′ 18.4794″
Fastest Time:0:44,48
Average Speed:131,12 km/h

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Course de Côte d’Etretat – Benouville – List of Winners
29/08/2010Robert TourillonNorma M200:44,57Results
28/08/2011Robert TourillonNorma M200:44,48Results
26/08/2012Anthony GueudryDallara F3940:45,55Results
25/08/2013Jean-François PiauMartini MK790:48,24Results
31/08/2014Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:45,03Results
30/08/2015Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:44,691Results
28/08/2016Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:45,314Results
27/08/2017Fabien PonchantDallara F3020:45,482Results
26/08/2018Bertrand LassalleDallara F3070:45,894Results
25/08/2019Gaetan RenoufDallara F3000:47,368Results

130825_etretat 140831_etretat 150830_etretat 160828_etretat

Course de Côte d’Étretat – Accomodation

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