Title:Course de côte de Avranches “Les M”
Tracklength:1100 metres
Elevation change:55 metres
Altitude finishline:90 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 39′ 55″ – -1° 21′ 23″
Fastest Time:0:39,23
Average Speed:100,94 km/h

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Course de Côte d’Avranches – List of Winners
13/06/2004Jean-Louis BezinaudDuqueine VG50:39,95Results
08/05/2005Daniel VernLola T91/500:41,04Results
13/05/2007Franck GuilbertLegay 826B Honda0:40,06Results
18/05/2008Franck GuilbertLegay 826B Honda0:39,43Results
10/05/2009Dominique HamelDallara F3940:39,61Results
09/05/2010Dominique HamelMartini MK730:39,23Results
08/05/2011Jean-François PiauTatuus FR20000:39,80Results
06/05/2012Martine HubertNorma M200:39,38Results

Course de Côte de Avranches – Accomodation

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