Title:Course de Côte des Andelys
Place:Les Andelys
Tracklength:1730 metres (until 2014: 1380 metres / 2015: 1950 metres)
Elevation change:110 metres
Altitude finishline:145 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 14′ 44″ – 1° 25′ 24″
Fastest Time:0:50,238
Average Speed:123,97 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on the map shows the finishline used until 2014.

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Course de Côte des Andelys – List of Winners
03/05/2009Bertrand HoyezDallara F3990:45,83Results
09/05/2010Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:45,12Results
10/07/2011Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:43,62Results
24/06/2012Anthony LoeuilleuxTatuus FR20000:56,22Results
08/06/2014Kevin DurotNorma M20F0:43,60Results
28/06/2015Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:57,32Results
26/06/2016Ronnie Le SausseNorma M20 FC0:50,434Results
25/06/2017Fabien PonchantDallara F3020:52,519Results
24/06/2018Kevin DurotNorma M20 FC0:50,238Results
23/06/2019Fabien PonchantDallara F3020:51,595Results

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Course de Côte des Andelys – Accomodation

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