Title:Course de Côte de Moyeuvre – Montais-la-Montagne
Course de Côte de Joeuf
Course de Côte de Bourriques
Tracklength:1400 metres
Elevation change:80 metres
Altitude finishline:270 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 13′ 43″ – 6° 1′ 21″
Short FactsLast used in 2007.
The track layout displayed here was used in 2006 & 2007. The name of the hillclimb was then Course de Côte de Moyeuvre – Montais-la-Montagne. Before that it was called the Course de Côte de Joeuf. The hill is called Bourriques and therefore the race is also referred to as the Course de Côte de Bourriques.

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Course de Côte de Joeuf – Montois – Les Bourriques – List of Winners
25/10/1998Roland TrompDuqueine F20:52,144Results
27/08/2000Roland PerrinMarch 8020:55,794Results
26/08/2001Raynald ThomasMartini MK79 Opel0:52,550Results
15/09/2002Roland PerrinMarch 8020:52,180Results
14/09/2003Sylvain WurthMartini MK58B0:51,331Results
12/09/2004Christian MartinMartini MK810:48,695Results

Course de Côte de Joeuf – Accomodation

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