Title:Course de Côte de Fouchy
Tracklength:3300 metres
Elevation change:215 metres
Altitude finishline:600 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 18′ 54″ – 7° 15′ 39″
Short FactsPart of the French Championship from 1983 until the last event in 1997. In 1976 a shorter version of 2,1 kilometres was used.

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Course de Côte de Fouchy – List of Winners
1976Aimé DirandPorsche 911 Carrera0:54,60
1977Freddy RolandMarch 7421:52,52
1978Freddy RolandRalt RT11:50,58
1979Christian DebiasMartini MK281:46,44
1980Christian DebiasMartini MK283:30,47
1981Freddy RolandRalt RT13:30,45
1982Marcel TarresMartini MK323:23,57
1983Marcel TarresMartini MT013:22,44
1984Marcel TarresMartini MT013:19,57
1985Marcel TarresMartini MK433:20,65
1986Marcel TarresMartini MK493:21,32
1987Daniel BoccardMartini MK423:19,83
1988Marcel TarresMartini MK563:14,40
1989Marcel TarresMartini MK563:18,15
1990Marcel TarresMartini MK563:20,94
1991Marcel TarresMartini MK563:20,44
1992Marcel TarresMartini MK563:18,427
1993Marcel TarresMartini MK563:16,463
1994Christian DebiasMartini MK583:17,764
1995Christian DebiasMartini MK583:17,946
1996Daniel BoccardMartini MK693:17,465
1997Fabien FrantzMartini MK563:32,836

Course de Côte de Fouchy – Accomodation

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