Title:Course de Côte des 3 Lacs
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:50 metres
Altitude finishline:850 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 3′ 16.56″ – 6° 52′ 30.72″
Fastest Time:0:48,021
Average Speed:112,45 km/h

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Course de Côte des 3 Lacs – List of Winners
16/08/1998Hervé BorgeaudDallara F3 Spiess0:50,160Results
22/08/1999Roland TrompDuqueine IMSA0:50,340Results
13/08/2000Roland TrompDuqueine IMSA0:50,916Results
12/08/2001Roland TrompDuqueine IMSA0:50,909Results
11/08/2002Patrick CholleyDallara F3900:56,480Results
10/08/2003Alain FareyMartini MK690:50,674Results
08/08/2004Alain FareyMartini MK690:50,084Results
05/08/2007Christian MartinMartini MK810:53,041Results
01/08/2010Ludovic CholleyDallara F30:49,980Results
31/07/2011Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:49,361Results
22/07/2012Olivier BerreurNorma M200:48,078Results
28/07/2013Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:48,021Results
27/07/2014Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:48,290Results
26/07/2015Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:49,132Results

Course de Côte des 3 Lacs – Accomodation

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