Title:Course de Côte de La Tardes
Tracklength:1710 metres
Elevation change:75 metres
Altitude finishline:580 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 57′ 57.9594″ – 2° 18′ 27.3594″
Fastest Time:0:42,675
Average Speed:144,25 km/h

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Course de Côte de La Tardes – List of Winners
18/07/2004René LeguyaderReynard 9130:50,110Results
24/07/2005René LeguyaderDallara F3960:44,340Results
23/07/2006Daniel MoimeauReynard 9230:45,080Results
22/07/2007Daniel MoimeauReynard 9230:43,569Results
20/07/2008René LeguyaderDallara F3990:43,299Results
19/07/2009René LeguyaderDallara F3990:43,715Results
18/07/2010René LeguyaderDallara F3990:42,762Results
24/07/2011Bruno LamonicaLola T91/50 BMW0:42,675Results
29/07/2012Julien DevauxNorma M20F0:46,082Results
28/07/2013Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:45,620Results
27/07/2014Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:45,997Results
26/07/2015Christopher LecarpentierNorma M20 FC0:45,562Results
31/07/2016Yannick LatreilleNorma M20 FC0:43,637Results
30/07/2017Yannick LatreilleNorma M20 FC0:44,878Results
28/07/2019David SudreDallara F3060:45,460Results

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Course de Côte de La Tardes – Accomodation

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