Title:Course de Côte de Trechy
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:130 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 24′ 2.1594″ – 3° 1′ 50.16″
Fastest Time:0:47,93
Average Speed:112,66 km/h

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Course de Côte de Trechy – List of Winners
11/09/2005Alain FareyMartini AFC0:49,32
03/09/2006Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK590:51,33
02/09/2007Charles MetrotDallara 3920:49,58Results
07/09/2008René LeguyaderDallara F399
13/09/2009Charles MetrotDallara 3920:49,37Results
12/09/2010Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:48,99Results
18/09/2011Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:49,93Results
16/09/2012Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:47,93Results
08/09/2013Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:48,76Results
07/09/2014Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:48,04Results
06/09/2015Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:48,14Results
18/09/2016Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK760:49,457Results
17/09/2017Cédric SonzogniBRC CM05 EVO0:51,90Results
16/09/2018Tony PasteauSilver Car S20:52,63Results
09/06/2019Eddy PerezDallara 3010:49,36Results

130908_trechy 140907_trechy 150906_trechy 160918_trechy

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