Title:Course de Côte de Montgueux
Tracklength:1900 metres
Elevation change:80 metres
Altitude finishline:245 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 18′ 25.2″ – 3° 57′ 54.7194″
Fastest Time:0:55,828
Average Speed:122,52 km/h

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Course de Côte de Montgueux – List of Winners
26/08/2007Alain FareyMartini MK69 E20:53,58Results
31/08/2008Stéphane DamnonMarch D08S0:57,50Results
30/08/2009Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:55,46Results
29/08/2010Ludovic CholleyDallara F3000:55,57Results
28/08/2011Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:56,10Results
26/08/2012Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:56,39Results
25/08/2013Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:57,517Results
24/08/2014Kevin DurotNorma M20F0:57,000Results
30/08/2015Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:56,952Results
28/08/2016Jérôme MartinNorma M20F0:55,894Results
27/08/2017David MayeurMartini MK620:56,289Results
26/08/2018Jérôme MartinNorma M20F0:55,828Results
25/08/2019Pierre MayeurMartini MK620:55,616Results

130825_montgueux 140824_montgueux 150830_montgueux 160828_montgueux

Course de Côte de Montgueux – Accomodation

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