Title:Course de Côte de Sancerre
Tracklength:1760 metres
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:230 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 19′ 22.4394″ – 2° 51′ 14.0394″
Fastest Time:0:49,286
Average Speed:128,56 km/h

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Course de Côte de Sancerre – List of Winners
04/06/2006Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK590:52,338Results
03/06/2007Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK790:52,139Results
01/06/2008Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK790:51,378Results
31/05/2009René LeguyaderDallara F3990:50,699Results
06/06/2010Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK790:49,776Results
05/06/2011René LeguyaderNorma M20F0:51,658Results
03/06/2012Jérôme MartinDallara F3970:50,397Results
02/06/2013Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:49,286Results
01/06/2014Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:50,050Results
07/06/2015Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:49,530Results
05/06/2016Serge ThomasNorma M20 FC0:49,680Results
04/06/2017Serge ThomasNorma M20 FC0:49,819Results
03/06/2018Jordan LamonicaNorma M20 FC0:50,208Results
02/06/2019Thomas ChavotNorma M20 FC0:50,509Results


Course de Côte de Sancerre – Accomodation

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