Title:Course de côte de Bournezeau
Tracklength:1360 metres (2011: 1910 metres)
Elevation change:35 metres
Altitude finishline:80 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 40′ 8.04″ – -1° 10′ 49.0794″
Fastest Time:0:34,17
Average Speed:143,28 km/h

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Course de Côte de Bournezeau – List of Winners
09/04/2006Jean-Louis BezinaudDuqueine VGS
08/04/2007Henri NeelNorma M200:35,276Results
13/04/2008Daniel MoimeauReynard 9230:44,060Results
12/04/2009René LeguyaderDallara F3990:35,590Results
11/04/2010René LeguyaderDallara F3990:35,460Results
24-25/09/2011Marcel SapinDallara F3010:53,640Results
08/04/2012Julien BostDallara F3970:34,940Results
14/04/2013Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:34,510Results
13/04/2014Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:34,660Results
12/04/2014Serge ThomasNorma M20F0:34,480Results
10/04/2016Serge ThomasNorma M20 FC0:34,170Results
09/04/2017Marcel SapinDallara F3050:34,810Results
08/04/2018Anthony Le BellerNorma M20 FC0:35,271Results
14/04/2019Freddy CadotNorma M20F0:34,678Results

110925_bournezeau 130414_bournezeau 140413_bournezeau 150412_bournezeau 160410_bournezeau

Bournezeau is one of only two hillclimbs (together with La Pommeraye) in the Pays de la Loire. It is not difficult to see why the hillclimb sport has not penetrated this region; there are no mountains! There are barely even hills of any substance. Yet there is a hillclimb and it is one of the better organized in France.
The small village of Bournezeau is located in the department of Vendée. This department is one of the premier tourist destinations in France. Most people stay at the Atlantic Coast, however Bournezeau is located more than 50 kilometres land inwards. The closest coastal resort is Les Sables-d’Olonne.
Some 20km to the east is the city of La Roche-sur-Yon. This city was a small stronghold of little importance until the start of the 19th century. In 1804 Napoleon designated the city the new prefecture of the Vendée region and a large cityplanning project started. La Roche-sur-Yon would be developed from a pentagon-shaped cityplan. As the city was build almost from scratch, many of the landmarks are build in the Classical style that was in fashion in the beginning of the 19th century. For those contemplating a visit to the city, a 19th century English travel guide voted it the dullest town in Europe…
Bournezeau is right next to the Nantes-La Rochelle highway, approximately halfway between the two cities. Some 65 kilometres north is Nantes. Considered the capital of Brittany, it is administratively part of the Pays de Loire. Nantes is a historic city with plenty of monuments and important museums. On the other side some 70 kilometres to the south of Bournezeau is La Rochelle, a historic fortified town. It has a long naval history and this can be traced in a variety of monuments and museums, including several museum boats.

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