Title:Course de Côte d’Urcy
Tracklength:2000 metres (until 2013: 1500 metres)
Elevation change:90 metres
Altitude finishline:400 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 16′ 39.72″ – 4° 49′ 57.36″
Fastest Time:1:11,111
Average Speed:101,25 km/h
Short FactsRed pinpoint shows the finishline that was used until 2013.

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Course de Côte d’Urcy – List of Winners
30/08/2009Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK791:02,600Results
29/08/2010Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK791:03,683Results
02/09/2012Olivier BerreurNorma M201:03,347Results
01/09/2013Jean-Pierre BouchardLigier JS471:04,061Results
31/08/2014Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza1:13,895Results
29-30/08/2015Cyrille FrantzNorma M20 FC1:11,111Results
27-28/08/2016Cyrille FrantzNorma M20 FC1:11,874Results
03/09/2017David GuillaumardDallara F3081:13,478Results
29-30/09/2018Kevin DurotNorma M20 FC1:12,178Results

120902_urcy 130901_urcy 140831_urcy 150830_urcy 160828_urcy

Course de Côte d’Urcy – Accomodation

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