Title:Course de Côte de Sens-Voisines
Tracklength:1650 metres (until 2014: 1500 metres)
Elevation change:75 metres
Altitude finishline:215 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 15′ 8.9994″ – 3° 23′ 52.4394″
Fastest Time:0:45,85
Average Speed:129,55 km/h
Short FactsThe startline until 2011 was the blue pinpoint on the left. The startline between 2011 and 2014 was the blue pinpoint on the right.

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Course de Côte de Sens-Voisines – List of Winners
13/05/2007Charles MetrotDallara 3920:48,10Results
11/05/2008Charles MetrotDallara 3920:40,21Results
10/05/2009Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK790:39,88Results
09/05/2010Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK790:39,79Results
08/05/2011Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK760:46,83Results
13/05/2012Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK760:46,87Results
05/05/2013Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK760:45,87Results
04/05/2014Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:45,85Results
10/05/2015Jérôme MartinDallara F397/980:45,85Results
08/05/2016Frédéric ChatelainMartini MK760:48,01Results
14/05/2017Pierre MayeurMartini MK620:47,70Results
13/05/2018Frédéric ChatelainNorma M20F0:49,24Results
12/05/2019Eddy PerezDallara 3010:46,96Results

140504_sens 160508_sensvoisines

Course de Côte de Sens-Voisines – Accomodation

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