Title:Course de Côte du Mont de Fourche
Tracklength:2000 metres
Elevation change:105 metres (5,8%)
Altitude finishline:580 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 53′ 45.9594″ – 6° 37′ 49.7994″
Fastest Time:1:00,150
Average Speed:119,70 km/h

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Course de Côte du Mont de Fourche – List of Winners
1983Alain SchickLola T298
1984Didier BonnetMaurer F2
1986Maurice SutterMartini MK32
1987Maurice SutterMartini MK32
1988Robert VettorettiAGS JH16
1989Fabien FrantzMartini M01
1990Bruno BazaudChevron B48
1991Roland PerrinMarch 812
1992Roland PerrinMarch 812
1993Roland PerrinMarch 812
1994Roland PerrinMarch 812
1995Cyrille FrantzMartini M01
1996Daniel EylerMartini MK42
1997Daniel EylerMartini MK42
1998Roland PerrinMarch 812
1999Christian MartinCheetah G601 BMW
2000Roland PerrinMarch 802
2001Roland PerrinMarch 802
2002Roland PerrinMarch 802
2003Roland PerrinMarch 802
2004Christian MartinMartini MK81 BMW
2005Christian MartinMartini MK81 BMW
13/08/2006Guillaume CariteyNorma M201:08,10Results
12/08/2007Benoit PerrinMartini MK690:57,73Results
10/08/2008Benoit PerrinMartini MK690:55,97Results
09/08/2009Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza0:56,99Results
08/08/2010Ludovic CholleyDallara F300 Opel0:56,961Results
07/08/2011Ludovic CholleyDallara F300 Opel0:57,400Results
05/08/2012Ludovic CholleyDallara F300 Opel1:01,753Results
04/08/2013Arnaud CholleyDallara F300 Opel1:01,203Results
03/08/2014Billy RitchenDallara F303/051:00,589Results
02/08/2015Yannick PoinsignonPedrazza1:01,132Results
07/08/2016David MayeurMartini MK691:00,992Results
06/08/2017Pierre MayeurMartini MK621:00,964Results
05/08/2018Ludovic CholleyDallara F3061:01,155Results
04/08/2019David-Pierre MayeurTatuus Master1:00,150Results

100808_montdefourche 110807_montdefourche 120805_montdefourche 130804_montdefourche 140803_montdefourche 150802_montdefourche 160807_montdefourche

Course de Côte de Mont de Fourche – Accomodation

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