Title:Course de Côte des Monts du Jura
Tracklength:1650 metres
Elevation change:90 metres
Altitude finishline:880 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 38′ 20″ – 6° 1′ 37″
Fastest Time:0:50,389
Average Speed:117,88 km/h
Short FactsIn 2018 this hillclimb moved to a different road. You can find the details of that event here

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Course de Côte des Monts du Jura – List of Winners
15/06/2008Christian MartinMartini MK810:53,870Results
14/06/2009Guillaume CariteyDallara F3990:52,270Results
13/06/2010Jean-Pierre BouchardMartini MK790:51,440Results
12/06/2011Ludovic CholleyDallara F3000:50,950Results
10/06/2012Olivier BerreurNorma M200:51,671Results
08/06/2014David GuillaumardDallara F307 Mercedes0:50,389Results

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