Title:Course de Côte d’Azé Donzy
Tracklength:1830 metres (until 2015: 2000 metres)
Elevation change:90 metres
Altitude finishline:420 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 27′ 6.84″ – 4° 43′ 54.84″
Fastest Time:0:55,045
Average Speed:119,68 km/h

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Course de Côte de Donzy-le-Pertuis – List of Winners
25/05/2003Marcel SapinDallara F3950:58,830Results
16/05/2004Marcel SapinMartini MK730:51,418Results
25-26/09/2004Anthony NeveuMartini MK691:06,310Results
22/05/2005Marcel SapinMartini MK801:02,349Results
21/05/2006Nicolas SchatzDallara 3890:51,508Results
20/05/2007Nicolas SchatzDallara 3890:50,595Results
18/05/2008Marcel SapinMartini MK800:50,937Results
03-04/10/2009Marcel SapinMartini MK801:05,715Results
18/10/2009Marcel SapinMartini MK800:48,980Results
22-23/05/2010Nicolas SchatzLola F30001:01,905Results
15/05/2011Marcel SapinDallara F3010:49,781Results
14/07/2011Nicolas SchatzLola F30000:59,200Results
20/05/2012Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20B0:56,259Results
19/05/2013Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC0:59,345Results
18/05/2014David GuillaumardDallara F3070:55,938Results
17/05/2015Damien ChamberodNorma M20F0:59,936Results
15/05/2016Marcel SapinDallara F3050:55,138Results
21/05/2017Marcel SapinDallara F3050:55,081Results
20/05/2018Maxime CotleurNorma M20F0:55,141Results
19/05/2019Thomas ChavotNorma M20 FC0:55,045Results


Course de Côte d’Azé Donzy – Accomodation

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