Title:Course de Côte de Charcuble
Tracklength:2000 metres
Elevation change:110 metres
Altitude finishline:440 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 29′ 2″ – 4° 46′ 47″
Fastest Time:0:58,648
Average Speed:122,77 km/h

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Course de Côte de Charcuble – List of Winners
1980Gérard TremblayLola1:07,47
1981Robert VettoretiChevron1:08,73
1982Robert GreusardRalt1:06,62
1983Jean-Claude JusticeRenault 5 Turbo1:10,71
1984Michel GoutarelleMarch1:06,33
1985Michel RitzenthalerMartini MK171:13,11
1986Robert VettoretiAGS JH161:03,26
1987Maurice CrozierMartini MK221:04,48
1988Jean-Claude JusticeLola T2981:03,55
1989Bruno BazaudChevron B481:03,72
1990Bruno BazaudChevron B481:03,72
1991Fabien FrantzMartini M011:00,09
1992Daniel CoquetMartini MK331:03,26
1993Jean-Paul LazzarotoMartini MK221:05,14
1994Daniel CoquetMartini T021:02,10
1995Stéphane BaudinDallara F3 BMW1:03,59
1996Cyrille FrantzMartini M011:01,19
1997Jacky BouvierMartini MK281:03,31
1998Marcel SapinReynard 9031:02,75
1999Daniel CoquetMartini T02C1:02,41
2000Daniel CoquetMartini T02C1:02,28
2001Stéphane DamnonMarch 82DD1:02,30
2002David GuillaumardReynard 9131:01,64
2004Daniel CoquetMartini T02C1:01,71
2005Marcel SapinMartini MK801:01,15
2006Marcel SapinMartini MK801:00,96
2008Marcel SapinMartini MK801:00,93
02/08/2009Marcel SapinMartini MK800:58,648Results
29/07/2012Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 2B1:06,112Results

Course de Côte de Charcuble – Accomodation

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