Title:Course de côte du Mont Dore
Place:Chambon sur Lac
Tracklength:5075 metres
Elevation change:381 metres (7,5%)
Altitude finishline:1435 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 33′ 20.1594″ – 2° 52′ 12″
Fastest Time:2:12,286
Average Speed:138,11 km/h

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Course de Côte de Mont Dore – List of Winners
1962José RosinskiCooper T56 BMC
1963Jean VinatierAlpine Gordini
1964Maurice TrintignantBRM F1
1965Jean RollandAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA
1966Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMatra Simca
1967Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMatra Simca
1968Jean-Pierre BeltoiseElina FL 1440 Conrero
1969Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMatra Simca M67
1970Jean-Pierre BeltoiseMatra Simca M69
1971Jimmy MieussetPygmée MDB 15
1972Guy FréquelinGrac MT14
1973Yves MartinMcLaren M21
1974Hervé BayardMarch 742 BMW
1975Jimmy MieussetMarch 742 BMW
1976Jimmy MieussetMarch 762 BMW
1977Jimmy MieussetRalt RT1 BMW
1978Max MamersMarch 782 BMW
1979Max MamersMarch 782 BMW
1980Michel PignardTOJ 206 SC
1981Marc SourdMartini MK31
1982Marcel TarresMartini
1983Marcel TarresMartini
1984Marcel TarresMartini
1985Marcel TarresMartini
1986Marcel TarresMartini
1987Marcel TarresMartini
1988Marcel TarresMartini
1989Marcel TarresMartini
1990Marcel TarresMartini
1991Marcel TarresMartini
1992Daniel BoccardMartini MK56
1993Marcel TarresMartini
1994Daniel BoccardMartini MK56
1995Christian DebiasMartini
1996Christian DebiasMartini MK58B
1997Daniel BoccardMartini MK69
1998Daniel BoccardMartini MK69
1999Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D
12-13/08/2000Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D4:39,876Results
11-12/08/2001Lionel RegalReynard 93D4:37,455Results
10-11/08/2002Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D4:36,734Results
09-10/08/2003Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D4:36,332Results
07-08/08/2004Lionel RegalReynard 95D4:39,177Results
06-07/08/2005Lionel RegalReynard 95D4:36,355Results
12-13/08/2006Lionel RegalReynard 95D4:41,077Results
11-12/08/2007Ander VilariñoReynard F30004:33,012Results
09-10/08/2008Lionel RegalReynard 1KL Nippon4:32,339Results
08-09/08/2009David BaldiOsella FA305:13,805Results
07-08/08/2010Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:27,174Results
06-07/08/2011Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:29,394Results
04-05/08/2012Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:34,575Results
10-11/08/2013Christian MerliOsella PA2000 Honda4:33,344Results
09-10/08/2014Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC2:18,915Results
08-09/08/2015Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC2:17,217Results
06-07/08/2016Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC2:16,599Results
12-13/08/2017Christian MerliOsella FA304:24,675Results
11-12/08/2018Sebastien PetitNorma M20 FC2:13,908Results
10-11/08/2019Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC2:27,655Results

110807_montdore 120805_montdore 130811_montdore 140810_montdore 150809_montdore 160807_montdore

Course de Côte de Mont Dore – Accomodation

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