Title:Course de Côte de Laussonne
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:110 metres
Altitude finishline:1050 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 58′ 4.8″ – 4° 3′ 14.4″
Fastest Time:0:46,528
Average Speed:116,06 km/h

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Course de Côte de Laussonne – List of Winners
08/07/2007Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:49,27Results
06/07/2008Frédéric AssenaultSimca Rallye II0:54,40Results
16/08/2009Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:48,99Results
15/08/2010Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:48,46Results
14/08/2011Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:48,09Results
12/08/2012Julien BostDallara F3970:47,294Results
18/08/2013Sébastien ChabinDallara F3960:46,812Results
17/08/2014Jérôme LabrosseDallara 3900:47,807Results
16/08/2015Alain PerraudNorma M200:47,775Results
14/08/2016Yannick LatreilleNorma M20 FC0:46,528Results
15/08/2017Sébastien ChabinDallara F3010:46,753Results
19/08/2018Jordan La MonicaNorma M20 FC0:46,962Results
18/08/2019Didier BrunDallara F3020:46,127Results

Course de Côte de Laussonne – Accomodation

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