Title:Course de Côte de la Sumène
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:80 metres
Altitude finishline:870 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 2′ 34.7994″ – 4° 2′ 45.6″
Fastest Time:0:56,734
Average Speed:95,18 km/h
Short FactsNot to be confused with the Course de Côte de Sumène

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Course de Côte de La Sumène – List of Winners
13/05/2007Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:58,777Results
04/05/2008Stéphane KrafftDallara 3881:03,464Results
03/05/2009Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:58,746Results
02/05/2010Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:59,009Results
08/05/2011Daniel CoquetMartini T02C1:00,578Results
13/05/2012Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:59,629Results
12/05/2013Yves MartinDallara 3870:59,176Results
11/05/2014Daniel CoquetMartini MK490:58,390Results
10/05/2015Yves TholySpeed Car GTR0:58,504Results
08/05/2016Fabrice FlandyDallara 3010:57,594Results
21/05/2017Fabrice FlandyDallara 3010:58,228Results
06/05/2018Fabrice FlandyDallara 3050:56,734Results
05/05/2019Yves TholySpeed Car GTR0:57,543Results

Course de Côte de La Sumène – Accomodation

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