Title:Course de Côte de Durtol – Orcines
Tracklength:1960 metres (until 2013: 1500 metres)
Elevation change:121 metres (6,2%)
Altitude finishline:695 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 47′ 33.3234″ – 3° 2′ 31.632″
Fastest Time:1:01,82
Average Speed:114,14 km/h

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Blue pinpoint on the map shows the finishline used until 2013.

Course de Côte de Durtol-Orcines – List of Winners
2004Denis PiqDallara F3940:56,74
2005Denis PiqDallara F3940:53,39
2006Denis PiqDallara F3940:53,63
2007Eric BrottesMartini MK740:52,54
2008Eric BrottesMartini MK740:51,93
14/07/2009Eric BrottesMartini MK740:51,76Results
29/08/2010Bruno La MonicaLola T91/500:51,61Results
28/08/2011Luc LeonceMartini MK560:51,52Results
09/09/2012Jean-Marie AutucheOsella PA20/S0:51,60Results
08/09/2013Eric BrottesMartini MK740:59,64Results
12/07/2015Yannick LatreilleNorma M20 FC1:01,82Results
10/07/2016Thierry BrenotDallara F3021:05,68Results

Course de Côte de Durtol – Orcines – Accomodation

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