Title:Course de Côte de Cacharat
Tracklength:1700 metres
Elevation change:125 metres
Altitude finishline:925 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 21′ 26″ – 4° 0′ 9″
Fastest Time:1:04,089
Average Speed:95,49 km/h

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Strictly speaking this hillclimb is in the Loire departement, which would make it part of the Rhône-Alpes. However it was organised under the Comité Auvergne so on this website it is also included there.

Course de Côte de Cacharat – List of Winners
19-20/07/2003Gérard PetitReynard 94D1:13,261Results
17-18/07/2004Lionel RegalReynard 95D1:11,047Results
12/07/2009Marcel SapinMartini MK801:04,089Results
11/07/2010Lionel RegalNorma M201:05,708Results
10/07/2011Daniel CoquetMartini MK491:06,150Results

Course de Côte de Cacharat – Accomodation

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