Title:Course de Côte de Marquay
Tracklength:1500 metres
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:220 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 56′ 33.72″ – 1° 7′ 9.1194″
Fastest Time:0:49,383
Average Speed:109,35 km/h

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Course de Côte de Marquay – List of Winners
11/07/2010Fabrice GalloDallara F3920:53,043Results
10/07/2011Bernard AirieauNorma M200:52,933Results
08/07/2012Julien DevauxNorma M200:56,625Results
14/07/2013Fabrice GalloDallara F3920:50,726Results
13/07/2014Claude DegremontNorma M200:55,733Results
12/07/2015Christopher LecarpentierNorma M20F0:50,306Results
10/07/2016Julien DevauxDallara F3080:50,138Results
09/07/2017Remi BechadergueDallara F3030:49,383Results
08/07/2018Remi BechadergueDallara F3030:50,506Results
14/07/2019Fabrice GalloNorma M20F0:52,426Results

140713_marquay 150712_marquay 160710_marquay

Course de Côte de Marquay – Accomodation

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