Title:Slovácký kopec, Memoriál Stanislava Firtla
Tracklength:2210 metres
Elevation change:85 metres
Altitude finishline:260 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 59′ 10.6794″ – 16° 57′ 23.3994″
Fastest Time:1:48,12 (2 runs)
Average Speed:147,17 km/h

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Slovácký kopec (Násedlovice) – List of Winners
14-15/04/2007Radek KrakovicReynard 0322:08,714Results
22-23/09/2007Milos ZmeskalRalt RT322:07,007Results
26-27/04/2008Milos ZmeskalDallara F3992:08,097Results
18-19/04/2009Milan SvobodaDallara JSC 3021:00,254Results
24-25/04/2010Michal NovickyReynard 0320:56,889Results
21-22/05/2011David KomarekNorma M20F0:57,630Results
21-22/04/2012Dusan NeverilNorma M20F1:50,710Results
20-21/04/2013David KomarekNorma M20F1:58,210Results
19-20/04/2014David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO1:51,990Results
18-19/04/2015David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO1:52,330Results
09-10/07/2016Jiri SpalekNorma M20F1:59,300Results
01-02/07/2017David KomarekNorma M20 FC1:52,58Results
14-15/07/2018David KomarekNorma M20 FC1:48,12Results
22-23/06/2019Philipp WilhelmNorma M20 FC1:02,89Results

070923_slovackykopec 140420_slovackykopec 150419_slovackykopec 160710_slovackykopec

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