Title:Bratrušovské serpentíny
Tracklength:3270 metres
Elevation change:160 metres
Altitude finishline:645 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 1′ 21.72″ – 16° 56′ 43.0794″
Fastest Time:2:37,99 (2 runs)
Average Speed:149,02 km/h

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Bratrusovske Serpentiny – List of Winners
18-19/08/2012Ferdinand MadrianNorma M20F2:53,29Results
17-18/08/2013Ferdinand MadrianNorma M20F2:45,75Results
23-24/08/2014Milos BenesOsella FA302:39,04Results
22-23/08/2015David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO1:19,25Results
27-28/08/2016David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO2:37,99Results

130818_bratusovsky 140824_bratrusov 150823_bratusov 160828_bratrusov

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