Title:Nagrada Grada Skradina
Tracklength:3387 metres
Elevation change:129 metres (3,48%)
Altitude finishline:150 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 49′ 7.68″ – 15° 56′ 4.1994″
Fastest Time:3:25,907 (2 runs)
Average Speed:118,43 km/h

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Skradin – List of Winners
22-23/09/2007Boris DurlenFord Escort RS Cosworth3:32,097Results
11-12/10/2008Marjan SmrdeljLola F3000Results
03-04/10/2009Niko PulicLola F30003:13,701Results
08-09/05/2010Riccardo AlaSighnolfi BMW3:17,920Results
07-08/05/2011Laszlo SzaszReynard 1L Zytek3:06,230Results
05-06/05/2012Sinisa KraincFord Escort Cosworth3:25,907Results
04-05/05/2013Istvan KaveczBMW E903:33,228Results
03-04/05/2014Sinisa KraincFord Escort Cosworth3:29,438Results
09-10/05/2015Istvan KaveczBMW E903:28,397Results
14-15/05/2016Istvan KaveczBMW E903:36,001Results
13-14/05/2017Laszlo SzaszReynard F30003:14,005Results
19-20/05/2018Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek3:02,700Results
18-19/05/2019Laszlo SzaszReynard Zytek3:39,730Results

140504_skradin 150510_skradin 160515_skradin

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