Title:Buzetski Dani
Tracklength:5001 metres
Elevation change:250 metres (5,01%)
Altitude finishline:300 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 24′ 4.6794″ – 13° 58′ 0.4794″
Fastest Time:4:14,601 (2 runs)
Average Speed:141,43 km/h

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Buzetski Dani – List of Winners
16-17/09/2006Milan SvobodaDallara F3025:23,073Results
15-16/09/2007Fausto BormoliniReynard 95D4:35,192Results
20-21/09/2008Lionel RegalReynard 01L4:38,023Results
19-20/09/2009Renzo NapioneReynard K024:40,178Results
18-19/09/2010Vaclav JanikLola B02/504:59,262Results
17-18/09/2011Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:24,581Results
15-16/09/2012Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:24,016Results
14-15/09/2013Milos BenesOsella FA304:35,188Results
20-21/09/2014Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC4:24,110Results
19-20/09/2015Milos BenesOsella FA304:28,962Results
17-18/09/2016Christian MerliOsella FA305:08,699Results
16-17/09/2017Christian MerliOsella FA304:23,649Results
15-16/09/2018Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC4:14,601Results
14-15/09/2019Milos BenesOsella FA304:22,293Results


Buzetski Dani – Accomodation

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